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As a Creative Design and Branding agency,
we offer the following services:

Creative Design

Through unique state of the art designs we fuel your growth by infusing creativity and innovation into your brand.


By combing strategy and creativity, we deliver exceptional brand reputation which drives business results.

Our unique approach to website design process deliver compelling user experiences and drive substantial qualified leads.

UI/UX Design

Simple, structured and, interactive User Interface designs with the User as top priority.

Digital Media

With digital in high demand, we design and run strategic digital marketing campaigns from start to finish through all digital platforms.


If it can be measured it matters.  We help clients reach their potential through quality research, benchmarking, analysis and interpretation of data.

StateofArts - Big Ideas that Become Big Brands

In a nut shell

StateofArts is a forward thinking creative design and branding agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. With focus on creative design, branding, and web design services and have over 8years industry experience.

Our major task in the design business today is to bring VALUE. This is achieved by accomplishing a full representation of brands we represent. Through this effort we make available the most efficient and state of the art designs. Mostly known for highly creative, world class standard designs, websites, and brand strategies for organizations. In addition, we also providing the proper support needed to put these brands above the competition by enhancing the competitiveness of brands we create.

People. Impact. Results.

Further, with our vast understanding in the creative design and branding landscape, we understand that organizatinos are  always looking to  develop profound and more meaningful connections with their consumers. Due to the rapidly changing digital landscape and shift in consumer behavior, capturing the attention of the right target audience for organisations have become increasingly complex. Which is why we go beyond creative design and also include strategy in our creative processes. In conclusion, at stateofarts, we help our clients realize the full potential of being modern brands that move at the pace of culture by creating designs and strategies that not only targets the right audience but compels them to take action to drive measurable results.

These guys are a creative and detailed-oriented bunch. They make every design a perfect representation of the client's ideas and vision without deviating too far from the basic recommendations and brief.
Bakare A.
Beyond the Visual

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