Creative trust: Does your organization trust your ideas as a creative?

Many of us creatives have fallen under those bosses that just like the color Blue (you get my drift?). Some feel the need to add their personal touch to every creative output as, without it, things feel incomplete. This, in most cases, stifles the creative process. Sadly, this is the norm in a lot of organizations.

Now, no one is saying you should tell your boss he/she does not know what they are saying or that they are hindering the “creative god juice”. However, having creative trust where you work does a lot for your mental growth as a creative person. Just as not having it has its downsides.

If you fall into the bracket of those who do not have this (Creative Trust), start with imbibing the culture of explaining the reasoning behind your creative works/ideas. Why you chose that route, why that color scheme, why that font system. Do all these things before your boss gets to share his/her opinion.

This gives people you work with unwavering confidence in what you do. Creativity at the end of the day is subjective. Everyone always has something to say or add. Trust, on the other hand, is resolute. Once you have it, that is it.

For example, I don’t have the best driver in the world. But I have an unwavering trust for my driver because he follows all the road rules to the “T”, he is emotionally stable and safe. That is all I need.

Start building trust and watch your career take an interesting turn.

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